8 Habits to Create a Strong Foundation for a Health lifestyle

8 Habits to Create a Strong Foundation for a Health lifestyle

8 habits to create a strong foundation for your health


Recipe for creating a strong foundation for longterm health. + Eat real whole foods + Cut processed foods + Move your body daily + Hydrate with spring water + fruit + Spend time in the sun & outdoors + Spend time with loved ones + Sleep well

Creating a strong foundation for your health is the best way to build long-term health. If you can't create these 6 habits for yourself, there aren't any medications, supplements, herbs or surgeries that can save you.

Only YOU can create health for yourself.


  1.   Stick to whole foods

  2.   Hydrate - spring water, teas, fruits

  3.   Move your body daily

  4.   Prioritize sleep

  5.   Cut out synthetics

  6.   Practice mental strength

  7.   Spend time in the sun & outdoors

  8.   Spend time with loved ones.


1. Stick to whole foods

You want the majority of your diet to come from foods that only have ONE ingredient - itself.

Foods like fruits veggies meats fish eggs etc

Focus more on the quality of foods that you bring into your home instead of worrying about what is the correct diet to be following. 

Go for organic, pasture raised, grass fed and finished, wild caught when possible.

As fresh as possible and if you can meet farmers who don't use pesticides or gmos - do that!


2. Hydrate

Hydrate with spring water, drink teas, eat plenty of fruit. Fruits are hydrating and have electrolytes that your body needs.

You don't need "hydration" electrolyte supplements filled with sugar and synthetic vitamins


3. Move your body daily

it's important for circulation & it can be a healthy way to manage stress

You don't want your body deteriorating from lack of exercise

Moving your body also helps your body eliminate

So find something you enjoy doing that involves physical activity

Some examples: hiking, tennis, boxing, basketball, even something as simple as going for walks is beneficial.


4. Prioritize sleep

When you're asleep is when your body is doing the most healing & restoring, it's also when your body is detoxing

Important for every single thing in your body and lack of rest is one of the most detrimental things you can do to your health

Lack of rest is bad for every part of your body.

Lack of sleep increases the chances of every disease developing, that includes heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

5. Cut out synthetics

Fake foods, ultra processed foods, fake sugars, fakes vitamins

Your body doesn't understand or recognize fake - and it struggles to metabolize fake things

It can also be hard to eliminate synthetics from your body.


6. Practice mental strength

It's very easy to let negative thoughts creep in your mind, your fears, and stress

That's why it's important to practice and train your mind to focus on positive thoughts.

Focus on good things and work towards them.

Talk to yourself positively, and do your best every day.


7. Spend time in the sun and outdoors

We are natural beings, we need to spend time outdoors in nature and in the sun.

We need all the benefits the sun gives us like improving our mood and strengthening immunity, we also need that fresh oxygen from being outdoors, being near the ocean, being near lakes and trees. So many mental and physical benefits from disconnecting and spending time outdoors.


8. Spend time with loved ones

We are social creatures. We need to spend time with others and build connections. We also need to feel loved. Spending time with people you love helps reduce stress and improves mental health.


If you focus on building these habits and sticking to them over a year, five years, ten years down the line your physical, mental and spiritual health will be in great shape.

Its okay to slip here and there, but its about maintaining longterm consistency with your healthy habits.


Also remember to regularly support your body with herbs. 

Herbs help stimulate movement throughout your body so that you can clean yourself out of built up waste and toxicity, which is one of the main underlying issues in all ailments of the human body.

I recommend anyone who has never cleansed to use The Reset Detox to help clean out their digestive system, lymphatic system, liver, kidneys and other supporting organs, as well as eliminating parasites, fungus, harmful bacteria and viruses.


Order the Reset Detox now.


Order the Reset Detox now.

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