How to Detox Properly

How to Detox Properly

Detoxing can have a negative sound to it.

Understandably so, due to people selling cheap and bad products full of stimulants and synthetic ingredients and calling it a detox. For example: "Fat Burners"

However, detoxing is something that your body is supposed to do naturally.

You have organs, hormones and systems specifically to help you detox, like your Lymphatic System, your liver, your kidneys, even your lungs!

Your body is really built to efficiently extract nutrients from food and detox any impurities.

The problem is that due to the Standard American Diet, which is full of processed meats, inflammatory foods, tons of refined and synthetic sugars, poisonous pesticides and herbicides, genetically modified organisms, heavy metal contaminants, and micro plastics, so peoples bodys' are really clogged up, which prevents them from being able to detox properly.

Even eating a little bit of these ultra processed foods can really slow your body down from it's natural functions.

So in result, you have toxins and waste building up rotting in your body, your body is being stripped of vitamins and minerals, and your body becomes clogged up with blockages.

This creates an environment for disease to develop & thrive as your body begins to deteriorate.


Thats why detoxing properly is essential if you want to live a long and healthy life.


First lets cover, how does your body detox.

There are 4 main detoxification pathways in the human body. Women have 5. The digestive tract, kidneys, lungs and the skin. The fifth for women is their uterus. The liver and lymphatic system also play crucial roles in detoxification. The liver is responsible for processing toxins, while the lymphatic system is responsible for transporting toxins throughout the body.


So now that we know what are the main ways your body eliminates, we need to focus on these areas in order to get your body eliminating properly.

This is exactly what the RESET DETOX was created for.

To get your body back to it's natural balance, by focusing on 

• Your Digestive system

• Your Lymphatic system

• Your Liver

• Your Kidneys

• Your Skin


The Reset Detox uses natural ingredients only to clean out your body. It comes with a 30-day supply of our premium herbal formulas.

Colon Cleanse

Parasite Cleanse

Immunity Boost (Lymphatic, Liver, Kidney Support)

Daily Greens (Heavy Metal Detox, Mineral & Vitamin Support)

 Resetting your body will help revitalize your skin, cleanse your blood, reduce inflammation throughout your body, give you more energy and reduce brain fog.

The cleaner your body is internally, the better it is able to create cells for regenerating healthy tissue throughout the body, creating energy and produce necessary hormones.


Purchase the Reset Detox here.


Foods to avoid during a detox

The foods you should avoid during a detox are basically everything in the Standard American Diet. The SAD diet. I would encourage to always avoid these, or as much as possible.

This includes

• Ultra processed foods. (fast food, boxed foods in grocery stores, frozen isle)

• Enriched and bleached flours.

• Refined Sugar.

• Artificial Sweeteners.

• Bread.

• Dairy.

• Hydrogenated Seed Oils.

• Processed meats. (hot dogs, ham, bacon, etc.)

• Genetically modified organisms.

• Tap Water (go for spring water)

• Alcohol

I would encourage to always avoid these, or as much as possible.

I know, if you aren't use to this lifestyle it can seem daunting. You might ask yourself, WHAT CAN I EAT!?

Trust me, you'll get use to it. You just need to realize, we've been conditioned to eat poison at every single meal, it has been normalized to eat foods that irritate our digestive system and cause inflammation throughout the body. Once you make the mental connection to the food we are supposed to be eating it becomes easier to say no to poisons and fake foods.

What foods can I eat during a detox?

The foods I would recommend during a detox are plenty of fruits, raw salads, veggie wraps, smoothies (don't add any protein, only hemp seeds if you want), cold pressed juices. I would recommend eating raw for the most part while using our herbal formulas for detoxing as well as vitamin and mineral support.

Remember to stay hydrated with spring water, coconut water, and cold pressed juices. 

Some habits you should have during your detox are lemon or lime water with cayenne pepper daily, working out, getting movement for circulation, using the sauna or the steam room, using our herbal formulas daily.

There are many different methods for detoxing. Some people choose to fast, some people choose to juice fast, some people choose to eat raw. Do what your are comfortable with. If you want to slow your detox down have a smoothie or eat a cooked meal.

How long should I detox?

Ideally you want to always be including habits in your lifestyle that support your body detoxing, like working out and having movement daily, the sauna or steam room regularly, lemon or lime water daily in the morning + cayenne pepper, ginger juice shots regularly, cold pressed juices, smoothies, eating plenty of fruit daily.

As far as doing a proper detox with the Reset Detox herbal formulas, do this for at least 30-days finishing the month long supply and following the protocol. 

If you haven't done a detox in years, and your health is declining, I would recommend using the Reset Detox for 3 months straight, creating these healthy habits, and sticking to the protocol.


Use the herbal formulas on an empty stomach with a glass of water at least an hour before eating.

You may also use them an hour before bed.

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