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Lose weight fast with these 8 weight loss tips

Losing weight can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing.

Here are 8 of my best weight loss tips to help you lose weight fast.

With these weight loss tips you will better understand how your body works which will make burning fat much easier for you.


Follow these tips and watch fat melt off fast!


  1. Eliminate EMPTY calories


Before counting all the calories in your diet, eliminate EMPTY calories.

Empty calories are foods you are consuming that aren’t offering you much or any nutrition.

Things like pastas, breads, pastries, boxed foods such as cookies or poptarts. 

Frozen “tv dinners”, greasy foods, fast foods.


Even worse than eating empty calories is DRINKING them. If you’re trying to lose weight, and fast, you want to cut out things like coffee lattes and sodas or energy drinks.


This does NOT mean to go and look for zero calorie, zero sugar drinks. They are harmful in different ways.


2. Reduce Refined Sugar


Elevated sugar levels in your blood is going to make it difficult for your body to burn fat. 

Additionally, this will cause more inflammation in your body, causing more weight gain.


3. Move your body more, consider strength training


Most people have a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting at work all day long, then coming home and laying on the couch all evening until its time for bed.


Sitting and laying doesn’t help your body burn much calories and isn’t good for circulation. 

So weight can easily accumulate. 


Get your body moving on a daily basis. 


Start with walking if that’s all you can do. 


Then start picking up hobbies like playing tennis, hiking, basketball, anything to get your body moving.


Additionally, I would strongly suggest everyone starts strength training.


Not only is this going to help you burn more calories and help you shed weight quickly, but creating muscle and strength training is beneficial for your longterm and mental health.


So get after it!


Additionally, don’t be fixated on the number on the scale if you are strength training.


Remember you are trying to burn and lose fat, not just lose weight.


Muscle weighs more than fat in volume, so you could be losing fat but still weigh around the same If you are building muscle.

Take measurements of things like your waist and your arms, and make notes on your shape in order to track your progress. Take photos as well.



4. Protein + fiber in your meals


Not protein drinks and not protein snacks like protein bars, or pancake mixes with protein.

This also doesn’t mean fiber supplements like meta mucil.


You can’t depend on things like this longterm, and they will be effecting your gut bacteria. More on that in a bit.


So, you want to aim to get your protein from a WHOLE FOOD source. 


You want to aim for 30 grams of protein per meal, include some vegetables in your meals. And eat plenty of fruit throughout the day.


When you eat like this you are going to be more satisfied with your food, which will help curb the empty calorie snacks. 


This is also going to help things moving in your digestive system, preventing build up of undigested poop, and building healthy gut bacteria, which effects weight loss as well. 




5. Keep yourself from eating a few hours before bed


Eating before bed causes your body to spend energy digesting instead of detoxing and repairing while you’re asleep. So this will begin to mess with your metabolism.


Additionally, you don’t want raised sugar levels before bed, as mentioned before, this will prevent your body from using excess fat as an energy source and use the sugar in your system instead.


6. Cut out alcohol


Alcohol causes inflammation which will cause more weight gain,

Additionally, alcohol messes with your digestion, which will allow waste to build up in your system.


Alcohol is also high in empty calories, and when under the influence, you are more like to make poor food choices like eating fast food, breads and greasy foods, which will hinder your weight loss journey.


Alcohol also i can cause your body to stop burning fat for up to 36 hours.


7. Clean out digestive system and lymphatic system


People underestimate how much built up poop and waste their body can hold.

The average person is holding pounds and pounds of undigested poop and stagnant waste in their gut and in the lymphatic system.


Our body’s perform much better with less waste in our body’s, that includes at the rate that we burn fat, so I would strongly suggest everyone cleans their body out with herbal formulas like The Reset Detox in order help your body work more efficiently by removing toxins and reducing water retention.

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8. Stay Hydrated with fruit and water


Hydration + fruit fiber helps with motility, helping keep your insides clean.

Hydration helps with metabolism and is required for fat burning.


Implement these things into your life and watch the fat melt off quicker than you expect!

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